What is wear-abouts?

As a jelewery lover I have always been draw to how it glistens. However, as a mother of 3 I couldn't afford all of the things I wished to have. I started to look into affordable jewlery which still caught my eye. I learned about Zircon, Moissonite and others which still had the eye catching look that made me feel good to wear but a price tag that wasn't going to put such a dent in my purse. For more than 5 years I've been hunting around and finding the quality I wanted with prices that made . It still takes my breath away every time when I put them together with real diamond jewelery my friends still can't tell which is which!

Friends eventually started asking me how I could afford so much. I let them in on the secret and started pointing more and more people to the great bargains I'd found. I thought to myself why not make it easier by setting up this brand to give you all a space to appreciate and purchase great quality jelewery you love to admire without struggling with the price. We try to provide a place for you to shop any jelewery which allows you to purchase without a blink - because you deserve it as a gift to your self in life.

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